Impress Your Guests: 5 Tips and Tricks for Airbnb Hosts

Impress Your Guests: 5 Tips and Tricks for Airbnb Hosts

How will you style your Airbnb Rental?

When it comes to showcasing your Airbnb to potential guests, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. It’s no surprise that a major selling point is a uniquely furnished, smartly-styled space that also accommodates everyone. As the host, you may find yourself asking things like “How can I design my space to stand out from other listings?”, “What style details lead to more and higher guest ratings and reviews?”, and “What pieces of furniture can I utilize in my rental to best suit large groups?”

iNSPIRE Q takes pride in designing and producing space-saving, multi-use furniture that is both on-trend and detailed with thoughtful touches. We offer an array of items that will feel right at home in your Airbnb rental. By discovering our iNSPIRE Q home furnishings and these 5 tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts, you may have just uncovered a treasure trove of sharing economy knowledge that insiders--and industry experts--are already utilizing.

Before we get into the tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts, let's get some inspiration from these three Airbnb hosts who use iNSPIRE Q products in their vacation rental spaces. Click through their listings to see how they furnished each setting in simple, yet attractive ways that could please even the pickiest of lodgers.

Salt Lake City:

For example, in bedroom 3 of this Salt Lake City rental, our Giselle II Metal Bed stands front and center—welcoming guests to a good night’s sleep away from home. This piece is PERFECT for an Airbnb due to its ease of assembly and streamlined elegant styling.

iNSPIRE Q white metal bed in bedroom of Salt Lake City Airbnb.

Check out the Salt Lake City Airbnb here

Click to shop our Giselle II Metal Bed


Another example is nestled in the breakfast bar of this spacious Nashville Airbnb home. Here, you’ll see our Lennox Velvet Bar-Height Swivel Stools. Not only do these velvet seats give your guests a chic and comfortable spot to dine, but the clear acrylic backs and sleek chrome legs keep the appearance of an airy, open gathering space. As a result, this avoids the dreaded cluttered look.

iNSPIRE Q clear acrylic bar stools with champagne gold metal frame and grey velvet seat cushion in kitchen of Nashville Airbnb.

Check out the Nashville Airbnb here.

Click here to shop our Lennox Velvet Bar Stools.

High Point, NC

Want to stay in an Airbnb furnished entirely with iNSPIRE Q furniture? Say no more! Our own luxury Mid-Century Modern home in High Point, NC is a perfect getaway for a relaxing, slow-paced trip to the furniture capital of the U.S. and demonstrates the impact a host can make when they choose iNSPIRE Q furniture for their rental.

Two iNSPIRE Q beige upholstered tufted beds in bedroom of North Carolina Airbnb.

The charming and cozy Hayley Arched Bridge Upholstered Bed is featured in the downstairs bedroom. Click to shop all our upholstered beds.

iNSPIRE Q dark grey fabric couches in living room of North Carolina Airbnb.

Our Ashton Grey Fabric Double Sided Sofa seen in the living room is perfect for casual and neutral settings.

iNSPIRE Q white faux leather upholstered bar stools with key hole back in kitchen of North Carolina Airbnb.

Check out our styled and comfortable Mendoza Keyhole Counter Height Stools that are being utilized in the kitchen.

Check out the iNSPIRE Q furnished High Point Airbnb here.

Thanks to the rise of the sharing economy, wayward travelers now have a lot of options when it comes to vacation home rentals. It may be hard to stand out amongst your neighboring competitors if your space is lacking certain eye-catching, click-getting qualities. So how can you furnish or design your Airbnb rental to stand out from the rest? Check out these 5 tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts!

Tip #1: Help make your guests feel like ‘locals’ by taking style cues from your destination location

Miami has a different feel than Milwaukee, right? Your space should certainly follow the same principle! Style your rental to continue the ‘local feel’ your guests are seeking.

  • Each region has its own, unique style and throughout your renters stay, they probably want to be fully emerged in the local culture. Bring the feel of your unique location to life within your setting by choosing appropriate pieces and décor. Decorating in the Midwest? A family-friendly farmhouse style would be your best bet. East coast cottage? Give your rental a relaxed beachy vibe--check out this iNSPIRE Q blog post for specific tips on coastal styling. Renting out a studio in a big, energetic city? Channel those vibes with bold and exciting pieces—we like rich colors, mirrored accents, and sleek modern lines.
  • A budding designer’s best bet: Embrace neutral paint colors and classic furniture pieces then introduce cool décor and artwork bought locally (hit up flea markets, farmers markets, and art fairs) throughout the home. What’s the main tourist attraction in your region? Give nod to that in the space—then be sure to give an “insider’s guide” to visiting the landmark and getting around the area.
The first of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts is all about geography. Here, a woman is pointing at map of U.S. with passport, laptop, coffee mug, Polaroid camera, camera and sunglasses sitting on top.
Further reinforcing this one of our tips and tricks for Airbnb posts, we have a travel is good for the soul decorative sign with passport, coffee mug, canvass painting of leaf, Polaroid camera and sunglasses

Tip #2: Use large rooms and common areas to your advantage

You have the space…now use it! If you’re lucky enough to be working with a large-scale rental, be sure to place grandiose-scale tables with an array of comfortable seating arrangements in the dining, living, and common areas for large groups or families to gather.

  • Are you planning on following a classically styled setting for your large dining area? We recommend an arrangement like our Eleanor 78-inch Oak Table—which seats up to 8 guests.
  • Set the vibe first thing by styling your entryway with functional statement pieces like our Sauganash Storage Bench for a look that’s sure to wow your guests—and offer them additional storage AND seating.
  • Multiple beds in one room allow you to accommodate even more guests (without taking up additional space). Check out this example bunk bed from iQ Junior—not just for kids when used in a multi-room, group-centric Airbnb listing.
  • If you have a nook or empty corner to fill, we also love the idea of a dedicated workspace that allows your guests to conveniently work remotely in your rental.
This one of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts is all about using large spaces for gatherings. Pictured is the iNSPIRE Q two tone wood dining table with black baluster trestle base and red and oak colored panel back dining chairs.

Tip #3: Multifunctional pieces

This one of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts is all about working within a more compact space. Get creative and give the illusion of an increased area. Dual-purpose items are key to focusing on convenience for your guests. Top tip: the more they can get out of your space, the better—and even better reviews! Here are some of our favorite recs for making your rental space as useful as possible:

  • Daybeds or the previously mentioned bunk beds are a great asset to accommodate space for extra sleepers—without sacrificing style. Our daybeds and bunk beds usually come with an option of a storage compartment to keep additional pillows, blankets or sheets stowed out of sight or a pull-out trundle for EVEN MORE sleeping space.
  • Try incorporating dining tables with leaves or rolling islands within the kitchen so groups and families can easily rearrange the space from open to intimate depending on their needs.
  • Bar carts are another mobile addition to your Airbnb and are great for creating a makeshift coffee bar or snack station where you can offer five-star earning perks such as granola bars, tea, and bottled water.
  • Don’t leave your guests with standing room only: Create additional seating in your rented space by providing items like convertible ottomans and compact bar stools so each visitor can enjoy their stay with comfort and convenience.
  • Ever stay in a hotel without reachable outlets? How in the world do they expect you to keep your phone charged? Don’t leave your guests searching for a charging port, provide one that’s built right into the furniture. We like this bedside table for the bedroom or this side table for the living room.
Another one of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts is all about multifunctionality. And there is nothing more multifunctional than the iNSPIRE Q black faux leather upholstered day bed with pulled out trundle.

Tip #4: Do it for the ‘gram

  • Adding decorative accents like signage, styled knick-knacks and novelty décor items that are specific to your rental’s area are a sure way to inspire your guests to snap pics of their weekend getaway and ensures your listing will be shared across social media. It’s important to remember that your tenants will be visiting your space for a short time. Ensuring their experience in your space is memorable (whether it be a day or a week!) is key to great ratings and word-of-mouth marketing. So why not spruce up your walls, end tables and bookshelves with some embellishments? Completing your vacation rental with items like greenery, decorative pillows, throw blankets and accent mirrors is a sure way to make your guests feel right at home.
  • You can also create an entire “photo booth” friendly wall—giving groups a go-to backdrop for that perfect photo op! You know groups celebrating special occasions like bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls trips or birthdays will be all over a fun, funky space dedicated to capturing their party attire and going-out looks.
Since this one of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts, pictured here is a rustic metal light up "Love" sign hanging on wall.

Further reinforcing this one of tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts, we have pictured here a pink painted outdoor wall with three potted green plants on top of blue cabinet.

Tip #5: Choose pieces that are easy to assemble

For the last of our tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts, we want to share a general rule of thumb.

  • Focus on hosting and leave the furniture building to iNSPIRE Q! Putting together difficult-to-assemble furniture can be a hassle and time consuming, but luckily, many of our pieces arrive ready to easily assemble. Pro tip: Check out the assembly instructions on our Overstock listings before you purchase to see how much elbow grease it’ll take to get your rental space up and running.

Take a look at our some of our favorite easy-to-assemble iNSPIRE Q products here:

  • iNSPIRE Q wood block end table
  • iNSPIRE Q Classic lattice farmhouse headboard
  • iNSPIRE Q Modern Bastian Aniline Sofa
  • iNSPIRE Q Knightsbridge Ottoman
  • iNSPIRE Q Bold Marlee Sled Table (with Gold Base)

We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks for Airbnb hosts. They are designed to help you gain search traffic to your listing, get travelers clicking, and host memorable stays. Be sure to share these inspiring tips and tricks with your Airbnb community friends. Also be sure to check out more iNSPIRE Q for new, innovative products to fill your rental space.

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