Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom Design Inspiration

949B002P + E382LT(3A) + 562A-GA(3A)_LS1 Bedrooms are a great place for you to express your unique style without holding back! They're very personal, and the options are endless. Even for a guestroom or a child's room, it's important to choose a style that is eye-catching, fun, and welcoming. A successful bedroom design resides in the right accessories and color scheme that complements your bed and other furniture pieces. Remember, if you keep your furniture relatively neutral and contemporary, it's pretty easy to imbue the space with any style you have in mind, and it's totally possible to change things up if you get tired of the look. It's harder to give your room a fresh revamp of you have an ornate, traditional bed or a headboard that's a very particular shade of teal. Now, if you're dedicated to a style, by all means, go for it! But if you think you might want variation every so often, or want to keep you design low-key for a guestroom, here are some great tips and ideas. 949B002P_LS1

Casual Contemporary

This bedroom is a fun cross between contemporary and funky styles. It has a youthful flair that's perfect for pre-teens to teens, or even the young at heart! To achieve this look, make the most of a neutral color, like the shades of light gray on the walls, nightstands, and bedding. The subtle tone keeps everything modern and really showcases those bright splashes of color. Layer in textures and patterns for depth: that gray chevron throw is just the thing. It looks lovely against the texture of the bedspread. The white slat headboard is a nice contrast to the gray surrounding it without drawing too much attention. It's also just about the most versatile headboard out there you'll find! To complete the whole look, grab a few modern/industrial touches—like a pair of tripod lamps for the nightstands and some perky, Mid-Century inspired wall art. E729BT-BHL(3A)+315BT-3BHL(3A)+E565A-BU(3A)+E485LT_M(3A)+E577A-V(3A)+721S-BU_LS2_16-10-19

Fun with Patterns

This next room is stylish—and grown up. But that doesn't mean it won't work for a child or teenager. Just add a few playful patterns and accessories. Speaking of patterns, let's explore them a little in this space—they really pull everything together! Between the comforter, the rug and the desk chair, you'd think all of these textiles would end up clashing. However, they create an eye-pleasing harmony. They all share similar colors and geometric designs, so they flow together well without competing. The light blue linen bed also helps to break up the bold lines of the patterns while still keeping a sense of elegance about the space. Sometimes choosing brightly hued furniture can be overwhelming to a space, but there, since the desk and the nightstand are minimal, the sky blue and black choices work well to pull in elements of the surrounding colors. One or two antique accessories, like the old car model, give the room an extra eclectic air and personality. E377B022W(3A)_LS1IQ_Jun 01 2016

Peach and Gray

The peach and gray bedroom is one of our favorites! The color scheme is on-trend right now, and the overall effect is simply gorgeous. This design would be fantastic as a master suite! The main vibes for this space are contemporary and modern, but after the addition of some sparkle, there's a definite touch of luxurious glam. The key here is to not swamp the room in its accent color. Choosing peach curtains is certainly eye-catching, which is why any other peach touches are pretty limited. Only the sheets clearly echo the hue, while lighter notes are recalled in the comforter's pattern and the rug. As for the furniture choices, the gray linen bed anchors the room amidst the white walls, end table and bookcase. With it's sweeping contours and nailhead trim, the headboard really creates immediate elegance. The unique crystal lamps and Art Deco mirror give just the right amount of glitz and glamour. E441BQ-1CO(3A)+E441BQ-3CO(3A) + E468F38S(3A) + E423-CO(3A) + 4648M _LS1IQ_May 24 2016

Farmhouse Glam

This last bedroom is a beautiful cross between glam and farmhouse—two styles you wouldn't normally think to put together! The result, however is quite stunning. With colors kept in light pastels or neutral tones, the shimmering metallic surfaces really come through. Lush textures make the space feel inviting and luxurious, while a light and airy sheers keep the breezy farmhouse feel. The most unique thing about this room is the chrome finished Victorian inspired bed. It's got a vintage vibe, but the modern finish gives it a new life that's perfect for this space. The mirrored end table further recalls the sleek and shiny feel and the silver, gold and blue accessories add dimension and subtle color. An excess of throw pillows—faux fur, light patterns, and silver sequined—polishes the whole look. What do you think of our collection of bedroom styles? Have you found your perfect design inspiration?
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