inspire q Chicago Condo Makeover

MAG MILE MAKEOVER (Before & After)

A makeover on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL!

The iNSPIRE Q team recently renovated and redesigned a two-bedroom condo located in the heart and center of downtown Chicago. We took a closed-off space, with outdated fixtures and finishes, and turned it into an open concept layout complete with modern features and updated furnishings. As a result, this condo transformed from a confined and separated space to an awe-inspiring, open and bright floor plan that displays the beautiful, scaping views of downtown and Lake Michigan. The overall design of the kitchen and common areas set the tone for an inviting setting that could be utilized for small parties or get-togethers, while the bed and bathrooms were redone in a styled manner that reflects a personalized style. Each room featured specially hand-picked iNSPIRE Q furniture pieces that we believed to best fit the theme of each space.

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Living Room/Den/Kitchen/Entryway

The living room and other common spaces feature large, picturesque windows that showcase the beauty of the city and the stunning views of Lake Michigan. This entryway was opened up to create a more welcoming atmosphere, while the crown molding was replaced with an updated finish.

Before & After:

kitchen before and after


dining area before and after
living room before and after

Living/Dining Area

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Master Bed/Bathroom

The master bed and bath were designed with modern furniture pieces and finishes that effortlessly complemented the calm, and tranquil vibes of the color schemes and hues that were utilized for these rooms.

Before & After:master bath before and after

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Guest Room/Hall Bathroom

Before & After:guest bedroom before and after

Second Bedroom

hall bathroom before
hall bathroom after

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