This picture shows what this post is all about: mirror decorating ideas. Three different mirrors hang over a server for an eye-catching look.

Mirror Styling Guide

One of the easiest ways to add a little sparkle to your home is by showcasing a mirror. Why mirrors, you may ask? Mirrors also work visual wonders for your space. As they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, wall mirrors create a focal point in lieu of art. They also add depth to any room, making the space seem larger, whether in the living room, bedroom, entryway, or hallway. However, with an abundance of wall space, it can be overwhelming to decorate with them. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team is here with 4 mirror decorating ideas to help you style your space.

Hang one in a space that feels a bit too dim.

Mirrors reflect. Our mirror decorating ideas are all about maximizing this effect. If you have a space that is lacking a little luster, try positioning a mirror near light. Try placing a mirror behind a lamp or a light fixture, like above console tables or servers. Natural light also reflects beautifully off them, so you can also hang a mirror adjacent to a window.

This image shows one mirror decorating idea. Three teardrop-shaped mirrors are styled on a wall behind a sofa and a table lamp to cast more light in the room.

Hang one over a dresser.

One of the primary purposes of a mirror is for personal grooming, so it only makes sense to have one where you keep your clothes! Round mirrors look amazing over dressers in a bedroom. And this is a great way to express your unique style while still giving yourself something practical to use. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new!

This grey-frosted edge round wall mirror is hung over a dresser. It adds visual interest to the room while still providing a spot for touching up appearances.

Replace your traditional bathroom vanity mirror.

If you are looking for a quick way to update your bathroom without breaking the bank, then swapping out your vanity mirror is the way to go! This is a simple, easy DIY tip that can work in any bathroom in any home. They serve as a great way to keep your space modern and personalized, all while satisfying your personal grooming needs.

This mirror decorating idea is not unlike the previous one. A double bathroom vanity features two brass-framed mirrors hung over the sinks. The frames of these mirror match the bathroom accents for visual interest.

Create a mirror gallery on your walls.

Have a bunch of mirrors of varying shapes and sizes but no idea where to place them? Consider creating a gallery wall with them! We all love an art gallery, so why not make one with mirrors? It’ll make for a showstopping look and a fun conversation starter!

Here we have a gallery wall with a variety of mirrors. The mirrors all have different looks to them, but they share the same gold finishes for a cohesive and exciting look.

No matter where you hang them, whether you like to use mirrors for grooming or self-expression, there is a mirror for everyone. The iNSPIRE Q Design Team has given you 4 mirror decorating ideas, but there are dozens upon dozens of fun ways to style a space with mirrors.

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